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Who is Forza Real Estate?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

You’ve likely heard the name Forza Commercial Real Estate, but who exactly are they? For more than five years, Forza has been home to high-quality commercial and residential properties throughout central Indiana. The company serves as the real estate division of Rehab Industries and focuses on facilitating and supporting the establishment of new commercial properties as each company expands their territories. Additionally, Forza supplies multiple styles of residential properties allowing access to affordable, high-quality living.

But how does Forza tie into the overall mission of improve lives? When Rehab Industries expanded their offices in Noblesville, IN, Forza Commercial Real Estate facilitated the expansion project. In the few short months of partnering with Rehab Industries it became apparent that Forza’s mission to revitalize communities that create better business and housing opportunities directly correlated to the improve lives mission.

Lead by President Jordan Bass and Chief Strategy Officer Travis Bonnell, Forza has been the primary driver for Rehab Medical and Cork Medical’s recent office additions. In quarter one of 2021, Rehab and Cork witnessed an expansion in Louisville, Kentucky after acquiring a notable company and have since had a spike in production.

“It’s been exciting to be a part of a real estate start up that can quickly meet the needs of its sister companies." — Chief Strategy Officer Travis Bonnell

"Forza’s diverse portfolio allows them to strategically turn our organizations into professionally developed communities that can support rapid expansions and be aggressive with current and future growth needs,” Bonnell added.

Other notable acquisitions by Forza can be seen in Noblesville, IN, where Rehab and Cork ushered in a new home office boasting collaborative conference rooms, refreshing break rooms, a branded training and development room, highly efficient warehouses, and plenty of office space for maximum productivity.

In 2020, Rehab Medical witnessed exponential growth at their corporate office, causing the company to max out its space capacity. Rehab Medical approached Forza with the need to secure, design, and construct a new building that could accommodate the current and future growth plans. Forza quickly onboarded new talent to help facilitate this request. David Roark, who was brought on six months ago, leads the construction and design of all Forza properties. Sam Harmon, a new addition to the team, is responsible for bringing in new business and seeking out new acquisition opportunities. Megan Anderson and Angie Hedges are the backbones of Forza as they are responsible for property and financial management of all commercial and residential properties.

Soon after onboarding new talent Forza secured a new corporate building just minutes away from Rehab’s existing corporate building. Beginning quarter one of 2022, Rehab’s corporate employees will welcome a new home office offering a two-story floor plan, 35,000 square feet, a new expansive training room to accommodate growth, cafeteria style break rooms, and an open concept floor plan with plenty of private collaboration rooms.

"Forza is honored to be a part of the Rehab Industries family; the leadership and support has given us the opportunity to build a dynamic team very quickly while remaining focused on building stronger communities through our developments." — President Jordan Bass

"Forza is especially proud to develop the new Rehab headquarters and we look forward to showing it off very soon," added Bass.

As Forza continues to build out their team and create new business opportunities for Rehab Industries, they will become the primary driver for all acquisitions and territory expansions and plan to add a minimum of three new territories for each company annually.

The other pillar that makes up Forza is the residential side. The company offers two types of residential properties, multi-family buildings and mixed-use buildings (i.e., combined residential and commercial buildings). Each property boasts strong foundations, high-end building structures, maximum security features, and state-of-the-art technology where patrons can expect high-end living at an affordable cost.

Since Forza’s founding in 2018 they have experienced rapid growth with onboarding five new employees and territory expansions in Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN, but their growth hasn’t stopped there. This month they are beginning a new project in Lebanon, IN where they plan to redevelop the community and bring in 44 new upscale residential units with retail space. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new project!



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