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Forza Promotes Mike Kienholz to Director of Construction

Over the last three years, Forza has experienced a ton of growth as it relates to commercial real estate and development. To date, Forza has amassed more than 10 properties for its portfolio and has many more scheduled developments in 2024, both commercial and residential. With the rise of real estate development opportunities for Forza, the company has decided to expand its team to include a newly appointed position of director of construction.

Mike Kienholz, who joined Forza in late 2022, brings more than 20 years of commercial and residential construction management knowledge and experience. Kienholz previously worked with companies such as Beazer Homes and Sandor Development on projects that include some of Indiana’s largest shopping centers. He also spent a considerable amount of time with Harry J. Kloeppel & Associates, Inc working on Indiana’s most notable commercial and health science facilities such as DOW, Lilly, Convance, Cook Medical, IU, Purdue, and Notre Dame.

After Kienholz joined Forza, he was thrust into a major development project that was still in the early stages of conception, the pioneering Brakeman building. It was here where Kienholz was able to flex his unique skills when he identified and provided solutions for unanticipated development challenges. From there, Kienholz has been spearheading the Brakeman project, which is set to open before the end of the year, as well as all other Forza projects.

“The position represents a lot of years of work to get to this level,” said Director of Construction Mike Kienholz.

“I'm incredibly proud and grateful to have people like Jordan, Patrick and Kevin recognize my efforts and contributions to the company, especially after a relatively short time with Forza. The position represents an opportunity for me to share my experiences to help guide the future and direction of the company. I'm very excited for what is to come and proud to be a part of the team.”

With the addition of Kienholz, Forza has made great strides in carrying out its mission of improving lives through quality and affordable real estate developments, which is why the team is proud to have Kienholz step into his new role as director of construction. The team is confident in Kienholz’s abilities to help Forza continue improving lives and everyone can’t wait to see what the future holds for Forza’s real estate developments with Kienholz at the helm.



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