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Waynetown Manor Apartments Gets a Facelift

Earlier this year, the Forza team bought and began renovations on Waynetown Manor Apartments, a 16-unit multifamily property located in Waynetown Indiana. Many of the apartments were in disrepair, and all had original finished and dated appliances. Renovations to existing units included a full demo of apartment interiors, and installation of new flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and upgraded appliances.

As part of Forza’s mission to improve lives, their focus is to revitalize rural and distressed properties, so residents enjoy a comfortable and affordable home. The Waynetown property became an ideal property for the Forza team to kick off the year.

Although the Waynetown property is one of Forza’s many other revitalized communities, it certainly stands out from the rest. After the ownership transition began, Forza did not want to displace the property’s current residents, so they helped tenants obtain financial assistance vouchers. This allowed more than half of the existing residents to live in an updated home without fear of increasing rental costs.

"There's a great sense of satisfaction in breathing new life into these buildings and giving back to our rural communities," said Real Estate Asset Manager Megan Anderson.

To date, Forza has renovated nearly half of the units and will be offering residents the option to move into a newly renovated apartment, as well as offering upgrades to those that choose to remain in their existing home. Check out what some of the newly renovated units look like below.

If you are interested in living at Waynetown Apartments or just want more information, click here, or reach out to a Forza team member at 317-766-9520.



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