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What Makes Forza Commercial Real Estate a Unique Company to Work For?

In 2020, the Forza team joined the Rehab Industries network of companies to carry out its mission of improving lives. Through this mission, the company has been able to transform not only the lives of the residents it serves but the employees they invest in.

Forza Real Estate Asset Manager Megan Anderson goes on to say, “The improving lives tagline is more than just a lip service, in all my years working in multifamily housing, I’ve never seen owner put so much effort and care into fully renovating a run down property and not price existing residents out of the property.”

“[The company] also focuses on making a difference in the smaller communities around the state of Indiana that have been neglected,” said Forza Business Development Representative Sam Harmon. This allows the team to redirect its focus and quickly pivot when needed, a unique strategy that has made the company highly successful for the past three years.

Albeit a small team, the company’s dynamics and structure are based on being highly adaptable and self-motivated. “Everyone comes to the table with their own areas of specialty and gets to focus on that,” said Forza Director of Construction Mike Kienholz. “Our culture focuses on easy and free interactions to share info and ideas where our areas overlap.”

Additionally, senior management ensures what is described in the hiring process is carried out during employment with a high level of energy and compassion.

All Forza employees can agree that the environment, people, and company direction is what makes the company so unique and sought after for employment.



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